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Penciling Portfolio

Sample page from the script of TMNT Universe #1

Page 1 of Big Bang Issue #2 (Written & Penciled by Angelo Concepcion)

Cover of Cat & Mouse: Vipers #1 for Silverline Comics (Written by Roland Mann, Penciled by Angelo Concepcion)

Inking Portfolio

Universal Monsters as D&D classes: 

By Angelo Concepcion and Torrianna Wilkinson (Shared Pencils and Inks)

Inks for Pages 1. 4,5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Martialists Issue 5 (Created by Sifu Cliff Kupper, Written by Shaymin Kupper, Drawn by Angelo Concepcion III)

Coloring & Lettering Portfolio

Crazy Hex Girl-Friend  for the Let Her Be Evil Anthology, edited by Cassandra Jones